Your Creative Imagination UNLOCKED Become Who You Truly Are

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Your Creative Imagination
Become Who You Truly Are

Discover your hidden path to a deeper sense of self as you join Dr. Manganiello and his collaborator, internationally celebrated abstract artist Frank Arnold, in their effort to unlock your creative imagination. Their knowledge and understanding are transforming, as they will restore your creative self through imagery and direct experience. They will awaken your imagination so you can become more of who you truly are and see yourself and the world in a new light.

You’ll be able to break free from your surface mind and experience the creativity of your deeper mind. You’ll engage the work of Arnold, Kandinsky, Picasso, Twombly, Rothko and Bansky as you discover the difference between surface mind art and deep mind art.

You’ll be able to see how Depth Therapy is a door into more vibrant experiences of life. It uses the imagination to help you break free from the problems that come with being stuck in an identity too small for who you truly are. So you can then live with greater joy, confidence and satisfaction.

Both art and Depth Psychology share a common core—the imagination. Your imagination is part of your deeper mind. It needs to be UNLOCKED to come to life. Your imagination is not a make believe plaything. In truth, it’s an organ of knowing and Being. It can connect you not only to wonder, beauty and Mystery—but also to your soul.

This book is really about you. It’s about what you need to know and do to UNLOCK your Creative Imagination. So you can enjoy the ultimate creative act, what renowned depth psychologist Carl Jung called “the privilege of a lifetime”: To become who you truly are.

Art’s job, and Depth Therapy’s job, is to open your deeper mind and to connect you to your innermost core. Your job is to stabilize and strengthen that connection, so you can live and die from it.

Unshakable Certainty

Book Reviews

Unshakable Certainty

John Stewart
Author | Evolution’s Arrow
Evolution, Complexity, and Cognition Research Group of the Free University of Brussels

“For a long time I have been looking for a book that translates the great discoveries of the Eastern religious and contemplative traditions into tools and wisdom that can be easily understood and applied by Westerners. The Eastern traditions have accumulated a wealth of powerful knowledge and practices that can enable anyone to live a more creative, wise, peaceful and aware life. However this knowledge is buried in a multitude of confusing, contradictory spiritual traditions, each with their own jargon, myths and worldviews. In the past Westerners have had to spend decades wading through this material in order to understand it and adapt it to their needs and culture.

Dr. Manganiello’s book is the one I have been searching for. I will recommend it to any people I meet who are interested in a clear, simple and powerful approach to self-development. The book contains the key discoveries made over thousands of years by the Eastern traditions. But it presents them clearly, without jargon and unadorned by the cultural idiosyncrasies of their diverse origins. It extracts the principles underlying Eastern meditative practices and uses them to develop much simpler and straight-forward tools. It shows us how we can easily integrate these into our busy Western lives, to our great benefit.

Importantly, the book goes beyond the approaches developed by the Eastern traditions. It also incorporates the great discoveries made by Western Psychology. It produces approaches and tools that combine the wisdom of the East with the science and energy of the West. Too often the Eastern traditions have concentrated on transcending the world that we live and work in. In contrast Western psychology has often focused more on helping people to function more effectively in `real life’. Dr Manganiello’s book has synthesized these approaches. The result is a practical guide to living a more creative and wiser life free from fear, self-doubt and insecurity.

The book is also a great read. I found it simple, clear and well written. And it is also entertaining. Dr Manganiello has a great ability to develop and use metaphors as a way of communicating ideas that might otherwise be confusing and complex.”