Entheogen Psychology

Entheogens, formerly known as psychedelics, are organic or synthesized molecules that can "unveil the divine". They can bring us into sacred states of mind.  Dr. Walter Pahnke’s  1962 Good Friday experiment, conducted at Boston University’s Marsh Chapel, showed that 90 % of the participants who received 30 mgs. of the entheogen psilocybin reported experiences which satisfied Professor W.T. Stace’s criteria for authentic mystical experience. The signature of an authentic mystical experience is release from the confines of the conditioned “I” or “me,” and an awakening from the daily dream we mistake for reality. 

Many  widely available studies have been done since that time, studies that demonstrate the power of entheogens to liberate us from our conditioning and connect us to the deeper parts of our mind ( Where we can temporarily realize and connect to more of who we truly are. We are already individuated, and we need to discover and unveil that truth, not create/develop it. The unhealthy mind is egocentric. The healthy mind is not.

At their best, entheogens can enable an experiential flash of the timeless awareness that is our mind’s true nature. They can relieve many psychological afflictions, as well as the anxiety and malaise associated with terminal illness, death and dying.

Entheogens such as  LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca, DMT, Peyote, can, for a time, liberate us from our conditioning. Including the delusions of the herd’s collective materialistic nightmare, a nightmare that misses the point of being alive. Entheogens can pull us out of our surface “I” or “me” thinking-mind ego identity. And they can drop us into our deep intuitive mind and into, the realm of the Heart. Where flashes of knowledge, insight and wisdom turn the lights on in our deep interior, our true home.

Again, contemplative science and entheogen research can unveil closely related truths, through different lenses. In essence, depth psychology and depth therapy are an interdependent adventure that can make use of research from both. Depth psychology must move more in the direction of a second awakening to experientially discover who we truly are. And then and only then establish a therapy process rooted in the understanding and cultivation of a healthy mind and true sanity.

In my view, that’s exactly what Jung and his work were really all about. Jung knew that the human soul can only be found in our deep interior and that its essential nature is not subject to the laws of time and space. He tells us: “Those that look outside dream, those that look inside Awaken.” “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.” A depth therapy that doesn’t understand or enable this Awakening is a path to nowhere. 

A very important note of caution. Don’t ever approach entheogens causally or carelessly. Doing so  can lead you into a dance with a hurricane. Not pleasant or safe. If you are so inclined, familiarize yourself with entheogen research, prepare, be very careful of what you take and where. “Setting” is very important. Arrange for someone experienced serve as your sitter and, if need be, your guide. Consider doing a careful search for legal substances in legal places with trustworthy people in charge.