Calm State Audio


The Calm State Audio will drop you into the "Stress Free State." And flush out the stress hormones from your blood and tissues that can cause you anxiety, depression and insomnia. I also created this Audio to create the relaxation needed to enter into deep mind awareness, presence and mindfulness. Let your mind and body deeply relax, renew and restore. After listening, you should feel more calm, at ease and at peace than you have in years. You will be able to

  1. increase your capacity for awareness and deeper states of mind
  2. cope much better with difficult times and situations
  3. increase your ability to live beyond your family and cultural conditioning
  4. strengthen your immune system
  5. be more upbeat, engaged and happy

You can download the audio to your computer. Then to your device, phone or tablet. Best to listen laying down with earphones. 28 minutes. Just listen and follow the instructions. Use once or twice a day, am and pm.

Note: the great music on the audio is courtesy of Serenity Music

Click here to download!